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Our team just got better

Elise Segar, Scott Liewehr, Robert Rose and Cathy McKnight

If there is one thing we get to brag about as a young firm, it’s our recruiting! The DCG team is VERY proud to announce to the world that Elise Segar will be joining us as a Partner and our inaugural Director of Client Services. Elise joins us from iFridge where she focused on helping companies optimize their sales strategies and build out their sales organizations. As our Director of Client Services, Elise will serve as the epicenter of all client activity, managing key client relationships, and ensuring we provide the right mix of services to maximize their success. [Seriously, you’re going to love working with her as much as we do!]

Personally, I am overjoyed to have Elise on our team. We met nearly eight years ago while doing a webinar campaign; she was at Red Dot and I was with a systems integrator in NYC. Since then, she has been an awesome partner and an even greater friend. I never imagined we would get the opportunity to work together.

Elise just makes everyone around her better. Period. She has been in the digital content space for more than a decade; taking companies’ sales strategies to new heights, selling and supporting web content management, enterprise content management, social media and collaboration tools, as well as services for all of the above. She’s also an amazing blogger, so look forward to some of her posts here.

But we’re not done yet! We’ve got a new Principal Analyst joining the DCG mix on Monday, so look out for that announcement. And we’re still looking for a market researcher to work on some fascinating projects. So, if you’re looking, or you know someone who wants to be part of an amazing team that just continues to get better, please get in touch with us.


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