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VIDEO: Why the Digital Services Ecosystem Needs Partner Finder

Digital Clarity Group CEO Scott Liewehr chats with CMS Connected tech report Laura Myers about Partner Finder, the marketplace for organizations seeking best-fit digital services partners for their customer experience initiatives. In this video interview, Scott explains why it’s hard to find a best-fit partner from among the thousands of agencies and integrators in the… read more >

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VIDEO: Two Sides of the Digital Transformation Coin: Digital Inside and Outside

In this talk, presented at NASSCOM’s India Leadership Forum in Mumbai, India, Scott Liewehr emphasizes that the recipe for effective digital transformation is a blend of front office (Digital Outside) and back office (Digital Inside) focus. As Connie Moore indicates in her report, Transform Customer Experience and Operational Excellence By Going Digital Outside and Inside, most… read more >

A rich, engaging customer experience, circa 1999.

Customer Experience Management Pushes Marketers Beyond DAM to MAD

In order to understand the role of rich media in customer experience, just recall how the web looked in the mid-1990s. Constrained by crude content management systems, expensive storage, and above all, by dial up modems, web sites were dominated by text. Photographs were small, low resolution, and rare — in 1996, even the home page… read more >


CRM Evolution 2015

August 17-19, 2015. New York, NY, USA. Web Self-Service Is Dead, Long Live Video Customer Service by Johan Jacobs Event website: CRM Evolution 2015 read more >

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Video: A few more 2014 predictions

Given that it’s the middle of February (can you believe it?), it’s a tad late to be making predictions for 2014, but I figured it would still be okay if I referenced 5, er 6, web content management (WCM) industry predictions I made last month on January’s episode of CMS-Connected. To cut to the chase,… read more >

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Rich Media Shines in the Era of Engagement: Marketers Turn to Digital Asset Management

Tools for managing rich media – commonly called digital asset management solutions, or DAMs – have existed for many years. Today, the term DAM is applied to applications that can vary widely in terms of functional sophistication, cost, and integration with other applications. A DAM solution can range from lightweight tools for image manipulation and… read more >

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The Rich Media Revolution. Why the Path to Engagement Begins and Ends with Online Video.

In this paper Allen Bonde examines the essence of “new” engagement, especially when targeting increasingly distracted business-to-business (B2B) buyers and influencers. Allen looks at the power of digital storytelling and the new formula for engaging in the rich media world, and then lays out the business case for investing in video marketing. The paper reviews… read more >

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Tapping the Potential of Rich Media for B-to-B Marketing

Great customer engagement relies on creating the most compelling content, and delivering it on the right channel – at the right time. Which is why the future of Web content management is rich, and the future of CRM is social. In this paper Allen Bonde explains how organizations can get ahead of this curve. Key… read more >

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Reaching Distracted Customers with Targeted Rich Media

As organizations look to harness the full potential of social and mobile channels and data in their customer engagement plans, one question dogs even the most well thought out strategy: will they notice? Consumers have never been more distracted, with new social options, second screen apps, and networked devices.  For B-to-B organizations looking to reach… read more >

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