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GDPR: The End of Marketing as we Know it?

In this webinar replay, Mary Laplante and Tim Walters discuss the meaning and impact of the EU General Data Protection Regulations which go into effect in May of 2018. During the webinar, Tim Walters provided an overview of this regulation that legislates the capture, use, monitoring, and destruction of personal data about any resident living in a… read more >


We Talk Money: Save It, Make It

DCG team members talk money in two webinars on March 1. Tim Walters shows you how to avoid paying big fines when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in May 2018. How big? Fines can range up to €20 million or 4% of a company’s global annual turnover – whichever is greater…. read more >


Privacy Shield and GDPR: Sorting Out the Business Obligations

The global transfer of data between entities and across national borders is increasingly at the heart of digital business. Today’s Wall Street Journal article (access may require a subscription) explores the troubled status of transfers between the EU and the USA – the second and third largest economies by GDP, respectively. (China was first in 2015,… read more >

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Does Amazon Go + GDPR = Amazon No-Go?

Yesterday, my colleague and commerce guru Jill Finger Gibson did a great job explaining Amazon Go, the retail behemoth’s experiment with what might be called “1-Step” grocery shopping: Walk into the store, grab what you want, and walk out. Amazon’s surveillance technologies (cameras, microphones, device identifiers, facial recognition, etc.) will (supposedly) take care of accurately… read more >


What’s in Store for BloomReach + Hippo?

My colleague Jill Finger Gibson has done a great job analyzing the challenges and opportunities presented by the late October acquisition of WCM vendor Hippo by Silicon Valley’s BloomReach, which offers a commerce-centric personalization platform. Not the least of those is the perrenial question when a company is acquired: What does it mean for the… read more >


Firms and Service Partners Must Abandon the Project Mentality

In recent discussions with both IT and marketing leaders at over ten firms, they consistently noted one common barrier to improving customer experiences. As one said, “Getting the capital expenditure budget for the project is actually not that hard. But approval for on-going operational expenses is very rare.” This build-launch-and-forget mentality was never a good idea…. read more >


Worried About the GDPR? Grab Our Executive FAQ

What was your company’s global gross revenue last year? Now calculate 4% of that total. The result is the amount you can be fined by European Union data protection authorities for non-compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), based on 2015 revenue. Some random examples of an approximate 4% fine on 2015 global… read more >


New Ad Coalition Won’t Dent Ad Blockers — And They Know It

Will the new “Coalition for Better Ads” lead to, well, better ads, and encourage people to turn off ad blockers? The answer to the first question is a heavily qualified “maybe.” The answer to the second is . . . excuse me while I RO the F, LMAO. In other words, even if the effort does… read more >


Will the GDPR Be the Californication of Data Governance?

Business practices around personal data have already resulted in helmification. Will they now lead to Californication? Let me explain. Helmification is the regulation of a practice by governmental authorities, usually after the practitioners have proven incapable or unwilling to take care of issues themselves. Example: Motorcycle helmet laws — and the EU’s General Data Protection… read more >


Who Owns the Customer’s Experience? It’s Complicated

In a recent blog post, Doc Searls commented on an article about the ownership of customer experiences. Who Owns the Mobile Experience? is a report by Unlockd on mobile advertising in the U.K. To clarify the way toward an answer, the report adds, “mobile operators or advertisers?” The correct answer is neither. Nobody’s experience is “owned” by somebody… read more >

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