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2013 predictions

Peering into 2013

With every New Year come the dreams and predictions of what the next 365 days will bring. The DCG team has pulled together a few of our own predictions (and wishes) for 2013 … The web content management (WCM) nomenclature fog will (finally) begin to lift, as bigger vendors further embrace some variation of CEM… read more >

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In 2013, I wish…

I recently participated in a great idea that the good folks over at CMS Wire are running with: they’ve reached out to dozens of folks in the content management industry and have asked them to provide a few sentences about what they wish for the industry in 2013. They are posting one wish per day throughout the… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Selecting the best product without testing execution is a futile exercise

Technology buyers often ask, “How do you know which vendor to trust? They all say they have the best product.” Of course, all vendors say they’re the best, although they rarely, if ever, define what that word means for them. Award-winning, industry-leading, state-of-the-art, and on and on. These statements are all different flavors of authority… read more >


Technology is only part of the answer

A couple weeks ago, the DCG team got together in Chicago to have some quality face time to review our mission, core audience, offerings, research agenda, etc. It was an extremely uplifting week together because not only did we really gel as a team, but we realized that we all agree on quite a few things that… read more >

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