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Webinar: A New Approach to Single Page Applications

10:00 am ET / 15:00 BST

Creating experiences that meet the expectations of today’s consumers requires control over content, placements, and presentation. Single Page Applications (SPAs) can provide significant value to businesses, with gains in performance and development speed.

Cathy McKnight joins speakers from BloomReach and Authentic in this webinar that explains SPAs and shows how they can overcome the constraints of traditional solutions for experience management. Cathy explains the business, marketing, and user requirements that are driving companies to SPAs. The panel discussion covers how marketers can manage experience in an SPA environment, accommodate contributors, access features that marketing teams love, and realize performance benefits and faster development.


Single Page Applications – Why they make sense

Like any industry, there are trends and hot topics in the world of MarTech and content management. One of content management’s current hot topics is the single page application or SPA … because is it really thing in technology if it doesn’t have an acronym? A single page application, in the simplist of definition, is when a… read more >

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