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Valtech acquires eFocus, Graion

Valtech, a French digital agency, recently acquired Netherlands-based eFocus and Argentina-based Graion. The acquisitions are part of a strategy to add service capabilities and increase its global presence. Valtech, whose name stands for “value through technology,” is a publicly traded company on Euronext that was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Paris. The digital agency… read more >

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Newly Independent Magento Targets the Enterprise

Magento’s annual Imagine conference last week in Las Vegas followed the standard format for today’s software vendor conferences: new product announcements, break-out sessions, executive presentations, and partner awards. Where it diverged from the norm was that it was also a kind of unofficial independence party. The gathering of partners, customers, employees, and community members was… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Who really owns the partner channel?

Historically, technology vendors have had ‘reseller’ channels, the sole purpose of which being to sell as quickly as possible as many licenses as possible for the vendor. As such, the vendor has long measured success solely on the basis of revenue generated by a particular channel partner. Quite simply, the technology vendor hopes that the… read more >


Power Couple: Brands and Service Providers Must Work Together For Integrated Customer Experience Management

Introducing a new DCG Insight Paper, “The Need for Integrated Customer Experience Management” A funny thing happened on the way to the customer experience revolution. For nearly a decade, brands, vendors, and service providers alike have sworn allegiance to the goal of improving customer experiences in order to attract and retain increasingly empowered and fickle… read more >

Adobe Summit 2016

Adobe’s Partner Challenge

Just a little while ago I spent time at Adobe’s annual summit in Las Vegas. The event was filled with great stories and news about Adobe products, customer success stories, and partner achievements. The software company has come a long way in the past few years with some of its biggest hurdles: further integrating products… read more >

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The Need for Integrated Customer Experience Management

For nearly a decade, brands, vendors, and service providers alike have sworn allegiance to the goal of improving customer experiences in order to attract and retain increasingly empowered and fickle consumers. And yet, major international surveys recently found that consumers are less satisfied with the experiences they are offered. Despite all of the effort and… read more >

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Seven Crucial Lessons Learned In Content Management System Implementations

 Without the right implementation plan and skill set, an organization can rarely maximize the value of its investment in new content management technology. More importantly, the content management system (CMS) will not have the transformative impact that executives, managers and workers expect to realize. Companies can easily spend upwards of $1 million to buy and implement… read more >

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The SaaS Channel: A Dysfunction in Need of a Fix

The rush to SaaS (Software as a Service) business models — by traditional enterprise software companies and start-ups alike — has been revolutionary in both the speed of the shift and the impact it is having on technology. The first promise to buyers is a move toward simple monthly subscription pricing and away from complex… read more >

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E-commerce Predictions, 2016 – 2019: Digital Buying Comes of Age

A new generation of innovators and disruptors in e-commerce technology and services is emerging to challenge incumbent players and business models. This is happening all over the world, in countries where e-commerce is relatively mature as well as in countries where it is still nascent. And thanks to technology advances such as digital payments, cloud… read more >


Perception and Reality in Publicis Groupe’s “Transformation”

My analyst colleague Tiffany Elliot has done a great job summarizing Maurice Levy’s recent YouTube announcement of a major reorganization for the holding company Publicis Groupe and its many subsidiary brands. She locates and analyzes the significant cultural and processes changes that will be necessary — and perhaps impossible. On the basis of the announcement… read more >

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