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DCG research and articles about: personalization


The life of PII: Privacy, personalization, and the public debate

This blog post comes with a prerequisite: Please click here and read this editorial by Evgeny Morozov in the Financial Times. (“Google Revolution Isn’t Worth Our Privacy,” April 5, 2013.)  I’ll wait. . . . Back so soon? Ok, now a pop quiz. The article is: A mess A masterpiece A sad commentary on the… read more >


The simplest example of effective personalization

Personalization is a vital part of user experience. If done well, it molds volumes of content and data into a concise, meaningful message. It cuts out the annoying irrelevance and makes customer journeys easier. Amazon does it. Facebook does it. Google does it.  And so should you! Or at least this is what your customers… read more >

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