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BloomReach Connect Amsterdam

Cathy McKnight delivers a keynote address and manages a panel on “Man + Machine” at BloomReach Connect in Amsterdam.

In her keynote presentation entitled “Intelligent Personalization in the Real World: From Theory to Implementation,” Cathy explains why combining machine learning with human intelligence is the path to leveraging smart technology to personalize the customer experience. In the panel on “Man + Machine: Striking the Right Balance for True Personalization,” Cathy explores the topic with BloomReach customers who are using technology and humans to  nurture the brand-customer relationship.

The BloomReach Connect program is organized around three tracks: technology, innovation, and digital marketing. A pre-conference day on December 5 offers networking and educational sessions for developers, customers, and partners. Visit the BloomReach Connect website for details.

Contact us to arrange a time to meet with Cathy or to share your opportunities and challenges around combining the man and the machine within your organization.

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Smart Data is the Key to Building Trust with Consumers

Data is the currency of today’s increasingly digital economy — the coin of the digital realm. Data reveals consumers’ needs and desires and makes it easier for brands to more quickly respond with the appropriate message, offer, or product. When data is currency, it seems to follow that firms should collect as much of it as… read more >


Intelligent Search and the Lesson of Pokemon GO

In recent months I’ve noticed that in vendor briefings and conference presentations, search, and more specifically intelligent search, have come up as opportunities for improving customer experiences. Intelligent search, whereby a search engine tracks a user’s search behavior and adapts its algorithm to their habits, is one way to reduce the time and effort an online… read more >

Online privacy and GDPR

Progress on Privacy: Business Incentives and the GDPR

The Question Last year, a journalist asked me, “Why is respecting customer data privacy sound business policy?” My answer at the time: This is a matter of increasingly intense debate. Some claim that, in principle, more data means better services/improved customer experience. They argue that since consumers ultimately (or, what amounts to the same thing,… read more >

NRF16 Lunchtime

NRF16 Showed A Bright Retail Future, But How Do We Get There?

A little over a week ago I joined 30,000 visitors to the Javits center – an airplane hangar-esque trade show venue located on the far west side of Manhattan – for the annual National Retail Federation’s “Big Show.” This event, which according to the NRF has been held for over 100 years, is where companies… read more >


Intelligent Content Conference 2015

March 25, 2015. San Francisco, CA, USA Content Is What We Are: Bridging The Gap Between Relevant Experiences & Intelligent Content by Robert Rose Event website: Intelligent Content Conference read more >


Four predictions prescriptions for CEM clarity in 2015

[Note: This is a long one – but worth it! So get your beverage of choice and settle in.] Admit it. You overindulged during the holidays. Oh, I don’t mean the liquor and libations, the decadent deserts, the game day gorging – after a long, strange 2014, you deserved all of that, and more. I’m… read more >


Sitecore Analyst Webinar: Successful Personalized Customer Experiences

July 9, 2014, webinar. Learn how to deliver successful personalized customer experiences, Tim Walters, Ph.D. Event website: Sitecore Analyst Webinar read more >

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Successful Customer Experience Calls For Customer Insight

The forces of digital disruption have empowered consumers and inverted the power relationship between buyers and sellers. Competitive advantages based on manufacturing, distribution, and IT are no longer sustainable. Customer loyalty has all but disappeared; buyers can and will shift their allegiance immediately if disappointed. In the era of the empowered consumer, business success depends… read more >


Netflix, you don’t know diddly about context!

By now, there has been enough evangelization of “engagement” to posit two things: Engagement with a brand is essential to achieving customer loyalty, and Consumers will only engage if they find the experience(s) to be relevant. Therefore, all roads to customer loyalty (the holy grail among customer experience advocates) must pass through relevancy. But what… read more >

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