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DCG research and articles about: IT Strategy

Digital Clarity Group

What is Digital Project success?

Over the past six months, the VOCalis team here at DCG has been locating, interviewing and surveying companies around the world. We have been talking to them about how their digital project is faring or fared, what they have learned, and what does and, more importantly, does not work. As the data grows we will… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Naked & Afraid IT Projects

In the hit reality TV show Naked and Afraid a man and woman who have never met in their lives before are taken to a remote and dangerous location, the jungles of Borneo, or the rain forest of the Amazon. Once there they strip off all their clothes and head off, barefoot together into the… read more >

Don't miss the boat

Why won’t those dinosaurs ever change?

Have you asked, “why can’t those dinosaurs get it, why can’t they see that [Digital or Social or Big Data or your preferred new approach] is the future of sales and marketing?”  If so, this post is for you. As a C-level executive coach for nearly 30 years, I know something about how to help… read more >

1_31_13 DCG Infl Str Decisions

Increasing strategic influence in IT

Everywhere you turn, you find people who are ready to give you the secret on how to be more “strategic” – or at least after you hire them or buy their books. However, despite all the amazing claims, I really don’t believe that IT influence depends on where you sit, who you report to, whether… read more >

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