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The Future of Intranets

What are the well engineered intranets looking to build on, after a proven record of engagement? When the productivity and community development targets are reached, what will the next phase in the evolution be? Watch this CMS-Connected news show about the Future of Intranets with Seth Earley, Richard Harbridge, Toby Ward, Sunny Lenarduzzi & JIVE.


J.Boye Web & Intranet Conference – Aarhus 2014

November 4-6, 2014, Aarhus, Denmark. The Tools, Teams, and Tactics For Competing in an Outside-In World, Marianne Kay Marketing and Customer Experience Management, Scott Liewehr Event website: JBoye Web & Intranet Conference, Aarhus 2014 read more >


Partner Evaluations: “It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it”

For decades “It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it” or some variation of that sentence was heard over and over on American Bandstand’s Rate-a-Record segment – often in complete disregard as to whether you actually could dance to the tune in question, good beat, or not. Arbitrary and subjective, these ratings… read more >


Changing the World of Work: Why Social is Broken and How to Fix It

May 2014, webinar. Presented by Tim Walters, moderated by Mary Laplante. read more >


J.Boye Web & Intranet Conference

May 6–8, 2014, Philadelphia, PA, USA Keynote: Making Customer Experience Management Real, Tim Walters The Tools, Team and Tactics Needed to Compete in An Outside-In World, Scott Liewehr and Cathy McKnight Customer Experience Management – Starts at Home, Cathy McKnight Expert Panel Discussion Web Idol Event website: J.Boye’s Web & Intranet Conference read more >


Social Now Europe

April 7, 2014, Amsterdam, Netherlands Keynote: Social Intranets, the Lemming Curve, and ‘Down With People’ – Tim Walters Event website: Social Now Europe read more >

Free Developer Report

Selecting Today’s Web CMS: 5 Key Practices for Successfully Selecting Your Next Platform

Authors: Robert Rose, Scott Liewehr Web CMS business drivers have changed from simply managing web content to managing sophisticated digital experiences and supporting a buyer’s journey across multiple channels. Today, the content you serve must be contextually relevant — it should be personalized by leveraging a visitor’s location, device, behavior, social graph and supporting information… read more >

Dirty yoga dude

Flexibility really is what it is cracked up to be

Can’t touch your toes? Afraid stretching is going to hurt? You’ll never know til you try. And even if you can’t reach below your knees today, with some effort and perseverance you’ll be doing gorilla in no time. Same can be said for evolving a company’s intranet; it’s not easy, and it takes time, it… read more >


Corporate intranet – deserted for more workable sites

Nadine Gordimer said “A desert is a place without expectation.”  The same could be said for intranets, in that employees have come to expect very little from these internal online landscapes.  As something that became common place less than 20 years ago, never really succeeded in a critical-mass-kind-of-way, and is already on its way out… read more >

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