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CMO Digital Insight Summit

Meet Jake DiMare and Mary Laplante at the CMO Digital Insight Summit, an invitation-only event hosted by GDS Group. The Summit is designed to help digital leaders implement programs more effectively by sharing their experiences in a peer-to-peer environment and by learning from industry experts with deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in today’s digital economy. Digital Clarity Group is the designated analyst partner for this and other GDS Summits. Executives from Ralph Lauren, VISA, Jaguar Land Rover, and Revlon are among the global brands attending the Summit.

On Wednesday, March 22, Jake moderates an executive round table on “Customer Experience: Delivering a Seamless and Cohesive Brand Experience Across All Digital Channels.” Mary moderates an executive round table on “Mobile Marketing: Finding Our Place with Location-Based Marketing.” Jake and Mary will be on hand throughout the Summit to contribute to the workshops and panels and to meet with CMO participants.

Contact us to inquire about an invitation, or to arrange a time to meet with Scott and Jake. For analysis related to the Summit topics, read Jill Finger Gibson’s post on how companies are coming to terms with omnichannel engagement. Read the findings from our original research on consumer perspectives on location-based marketing in this report entitled Consumers Give Location Marketing a Resounding Maybe.

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