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Google and Slack Partner to Keep Microsoft, Facebook at Bay

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Digital Clarity Group Vice President and Managing Director of VOCalis, was quoted today in an article on CMS Wire about a new partnership between Google and Slack.


New Ad Coalition Won’t Dent Ad Blockers — And They Know It

Will the new “Coalition for Better Ads” lead to, well, better ads, and encourage people to turn off ad blockers? The answer to the first question is a heavily qualified “maybe.” The answer to the second is . . . excuse me while I RO the F, LMAO. In other words, even if the effort does… read more >

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Preparing for the Holiday Retail Season: The Amazon Threat and the Facebook Trap

Will it be “Ho, Ho, Ho” or “Oh, no, no” for retailers the 2016 holiday retail season? While holiday retail season is as important as ever – accounting for over 30% of annual revenue for some retailers – it’s getting ever harder to master, given the combination of budget constraints, tired infrastructures, changing consumer expectations,… read more >

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Contextual Commerce: Will A Bot Be Your Next New Facebook Friend?

A few years ago, when Facebook had a mere 500 million active users, it was betting on those users’ desire for breeding virtual pigs and building imaginary cities would evolve into a major revenue stream. However, revenues via FarmVille, CityVille and other online games did not pan out as expected (not helped by the precipitous rise and fall of… read more >

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