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DCG Podcasts: Requirements Gathering for a Technology Selection

April 2015 – Connie Moore and Cathy McKnight discuss the importance of requirements gathering in a technology selection project, and provide some pointers and great advice for gathering and prioritizing requirements for a technology selection.  

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Business 2020: Six Key Dynamics Will Determine Success

The few years since the introduction of the smartphone have brought unprecedented and unforeseen change to the business environment in nearly every company. Technology innovations such as mobile computing, analytics, cloud, and social platforms have empowered consumers in both B2C and B2B contexts, and fundamentally inverted the relationship between buyers and sellers. Looking forward to the business environment in… read more >

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How Customer Experience Management Changes the “Suite vs. Separate” Debate

The debate over suite versus best-of-breed solutions has raged since the introduction of enterprise resource planning (ERP) suites in the early 1990s, pitting integration and consistency against functionality and innovation – at least according to the classical terms of the dispute. Highlights: Suite versus best of breed: A timeless debate revisited Understanding and meeting the… read more >

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It’s Time to Rethink “Enterprise” Software. Look for the Answer in the Business Process, not the Application

Everyone talks about “enterprise” software solutions, but what does it really mean? The established definitions are either too broad (“Software used by companies.”) or too narrow (ERP suites). Most people would agree that “enterprise” indicates that the software has certain characteristics or capabilities, such as scalability, extensibility, portability, etc. However, since there are no agreed-upon… read more >

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