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Agencies and consultancies: not a turf war

Ever since traditional management consultancies and systems integrators (SIs) started buying and building digital practices a few years ago, and media holding companies similarly have stepped up the pace of buying independent agencies and consolidating them, there has been a lot of discussion in the industry around which types of firm will ultimately win in the… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

The Unconference Model: Cure for the Pain Caused by Digital Disruption?

Last month I participated in an event which was refreshingly different from the types of industry gatherings I normally attend as a tech industry analyst and consultant. Cognifide, a digital agency that is part of the WPP group of companies, sponsored the one-day, London-based gathering, which was billed as an “unconference.” Cognifide invited the participants, who… read more >

Government Empowered

Attending: Connie Moore 

Government Empowered brings together government leaders, industry experts and analysts with the goal to improve government service while reducing costs through modernization. Conference sessions will empower agencies to improve lives through more agile and efficient services and provide valuable tools and insights on how to approach mission and modernization objectives, achieve constituent-centric government, and understand best practices and lessons learned from other government leaders.

Digital Clarity Group

Digital Clarity for Higher Ed

Digital is no stroll through the campus When it comes to building a thriving digital practice, higher ed faces unique and compelling challenges. Colleges and universities must serve highly diverse audience segments with distinct goals. Mapping the journey for prospective students is incredibly complicated and includes one of the biggest decisions and commitments most individuals… read more >

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Struggling With Omnichannel? You’re In Good Company

Last month I moderated a session on commerce strategies at an event called NG Omnichannel. Hosted by conference company GDS, this event brought together senior executives from a variety of industries and regions in the US and Canada. They were an eclectic mix of marketing, operations, and technology leaders, with the common challenge of adopting… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Google Analytics 360 – A Shot Across The Advertising Bows

Though Google has long had a foot in the door of digital marketing though its market dominating Google Analytics service, it has been slow to provide enterprise offerings beyond that. This week though the firm announced the launch of Google Analytics 360: a bundling of its tag management, analytics, data studio (an application of BigQuery),… read more >

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E-Commerce Round-Up: January 2016

E-Commerce Round-Up covers major recent events and news from the past month in the e-commerce world, and provides a brief analysis of what they mean. This month’s Round-Up covers recent Amazon developments (confirmed and rumored) and the declining fortunes of online flash sale and daily deals companies. Amazon buys a French delivery company . …. read more >


Increase Your Probability for a Successful Implementation

You can take the best DM/CEM tools in the world and destroy their business value with a poor implementation process.  So, what steps can you take to ensure that your implementation project will succeed? In an earlier post, I described a new maturity model for technology implementation.  This model is based on the concept of… read more >

Sap and Hybris post

SAP + hybris is ALSO about The CEM Imperative

Although it’s software rather than services this time, yesterday’s announced acquisition of hybris by SAP is just as much about customer experience management (CEM) as the recent fusion of Accenture and Acquity. (Which I blogged about here.) That claim doesn’t require deep analysis, since it’s the fundamental justification for the purchase (terms not disclosed) offered… read more >

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