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Intelligent Content Conference 2018

Meet up with Cathy McKnight, DCG’s Vice President Consulting, at this year’s Intelligent Content Conference (ICC). Cathy delivers a workshop entitled “Content Strategy for the Enterprise Marketer: The Marketer’s Approach to a Technical Challenge,” and will participate in an open discussion session.

DCG senior contributing analyst Robert Rose delivers the opening keynote address.

ICC 2018 is a content strategy event specifically designed for marketing practitioners. Its educational mission is to help marketers move away from a copy/paste mentality toward a format-free, modular and single-source approach to content creation and distribution. Courses target various levels, ranging from beginner to advanced. Sessions are delivered by leading practitioners, consultants and authors.

Contact us to arrange a time to meet up with Cathy at ICC. DCG research and analysis related to topics covered at ICC include Cathy’s post on content governance as key to content strategy, and this post by Jill Finger Gibson on the role of multilingual content strategies for global ecommerce.

Elephants balancing on ball

Content Governance: Building the team

In part one of this epic tale, we addressed the elephant in the content team room: governance. In this, part two, of the content governance tale, let’s look at building the team that will help ensure the right content, gets to the right channel, at the right time, to meet the needs of its audiences. As… read more >


Is AI (artificial intelligence) a Marketer’s Crystal Ball?

Marketers are spoiled for choice when it comes to the endless array of tools and platforms to choose from to help them better understand prospects and generate leads. First, there was CRM, a must-have for customer records. After its introduction, marketing automation platforms (MAPs) quickly became “the” tool all marketers needed (and arguably, still do)…. read more >


Notes from J. Boye Conference, Aarhus 2014

At Digital Clarity Group, attending and speaking at industry conferences is part of our job, so we are not easily impressed. Yet, this year’s J. Boye Aarhus 2014 met and exceeded our expectations. The event brought together nearly 300 delegates from 15 countries. World-class speakers such as Bebo White, Rose Cameron, Eric Karjaluoto, James Cannings,… read more >

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Content, Context, and Chaos: How Marketing Must Change to Deliver Customer-Centric Systems of Engagement

As we enter into a new era of the importance of continual customer engagement, the CMO must begin to add systems that not only manage this engagement but also embrace the rapidly shifting and expanding environments in which consumers want to interact. In this paper Robert Rose puts forward three ideas that can lay a… read more >

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Web Ubiquity Calls for an “Experience Tier”

In this Insight paper, we explore the deeper delivery challenge in which the abundance of touch points in the era of an ever-present web calls for seamless and de-channeled engagement. After reading this paper, you should understand: How the “always on” Internet access affects engaging customers How your organization can leverage the “experience tier” to… read more >

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The Field Guide to Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a practice that is expanding at an enormous rate. In the 8 months since the book Managing Content Marketing was written, search traffic alone for the term has almost doubled. It is predicted that 2012 is the first year marketers are placing Content Marketing front-and-center. This paper is meant to be a… read more >

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