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DCG research and articles about: Content + Commerce

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Two Countries, One Customer: Navigating the Content and Commerce Divide

When I travel to countries that share a border, I love seeing how those countries may have little in common – speak different languages, eat different foods, and have different customs – and yet manage to communicate and co-operate so that people can cross back and forth easily between the two. From a traveler’s perspective,… read more >

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Bridging the Content and Commerce Divide

Thinking you need to replatform your existing CMS or ecommerce solution? Before you start gathering requirements and soliciting RFPs from WCM and e-commerce vendors, take a moment and consider how important online sales are for your company’s growth. If the answer is “very,” take a moment or two and consider if there might be a… read more >

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Target learns about cross-border commerce the hard way by failing big in Canada

It has not been a great 18 months for Target. The retailer announced earlier this month that it would close down its entire Canadian business, shutting 133 stores and laying off nearly 18,000 people. This will cost the company pre-tax losses of $5.4 billion for Q4 2014, not to mention to-be-determined continued losses into 2015…. read more >

Scott Liewehr

Scott Liewehr Talks Commerce + Content at AEM Meetup, Charlotte

Join Digital Clarity Group President Scott Liewehr as he shares his thoughts on the commerce + content space, and how it all ties back to a successful customer experience strategy. Liewehr will be speaking alongside other experts from NASCAR, Adobe, and ElasticPath. The Adobe Experience Manager Meetup will be held in Charlotte, NC on Oct. 21… read more >

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