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Resistance is futile, change is inevitable

Change management is essential in today’s workplace. With the velocity of change in today’s world, the last thing you want is to unexpectantly log onto your work computer one morning to find a whole new desktop layout, tool, application, and/or re-visioned intranet. I mean come on, you are still haven’t gotten to figuring out the… read more >


Rethinking BPM in the Age of the Digital Customer

March 17, 2016. Online webinar. Rethinking BPM in the Age of the Digital Customer by Connie Moore read more >


What does “enterprise” and “midmarket” really mean for CEM?

Traditional market segmentations – by gross revenue or number of employees – are useful for sizing a market and calculating technology spend. But what does “enterprise,” “midmarket,” or “SMB” really mean for software solutions? DCG has just released two Insight Papers that address this question and attempt to pin down the enterprise and midmarket requirements… read more >

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