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B2B Marketers and Content Management: New Research on What’s Working and What’s Not

For marketers, content management systems are the workhorses of customer experience and digital engagement. The need to fill and refill the content pipeline, to track and measure, and to deliver effectively is inexorable. Content is created, stored, and managed in multiple formats and systems, including web content, product information, customer information, and digital assets. Marketers… read more >

Webinar: Unified Audiences Are the Key to Digital Advertising in 2018

11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET


96% of B2B marketers say that their digital advertising campaigns lead to waste because their advertising inevitably reaches a significant number of people outside of their intended target. Traditional advertising that’s wasteful, the rapidly evolving B2B buying environment, and the profile of today’s B2B buyer all press for a new approach to digital advertising — one that’s more effective because it delivers targeted, relevant, trustworthy ads. This webinar explains why the concept of unified audiences is the key to effective B2B digital advertising in 2018.

DCG’s Cathy McKnight shares the virtual stage with speakers from RecruitMilitary and Salesforce. They explain that a unified audience brings together three types of data-rich audiences: those you want to know (the anticipated audience), those you know (the addressable audience), and those you can measure (the measurable audience). You’ll learn about the benefits of unifying these audiences and the data about them. You’ll also gain an understanding of how to execute by integrating technologies for advertising, marketing, and customer relationship management to automate and deliver digital ads that your customers will appreciate.

Webinar: Getting Ready for Next-Generation Commerce

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Next-generation commerce is more than just the purchase transaction. It delivers a seamless experience across channels, even IoT devices. Most important, it focuses on continuing the customer conversation throughout the end-to-end experience. In this session, Jill Finger Gibson, DCG Principal Analyst, and Nate Barad, Sitecore Senior Director Product Marketing, discuss people, processes, and technologies for next-generation commerce.

Jill and Nate use the manufacturing sector as a specific example. More and more, manufacturers are going directly to end-buyers, be they consumers or businesses, rather than just being wholesalers to retail outlets. How are companies doing this, and what are the key challenges? Other topics include:

  • What is “next-generation” commerce? What makes it different from earlier generations?
  • What are the drivers for B2B versus B2C? Or are they the same?
  • For companies without in-house expertise, what’s required to move to next-generation commerce? What should they look for in a partner?

For additional analysis, download Jill’s popular report, A Brand Manufacturer’s Guide to Direct-to-Consumer e-Commerce. She introduces the paper in this post. See also her advice to digital agencies on adding transaction expertise to their creative services. Contact us if you’d like to connect with Jill to discuss your company’s plans (or lack thereof) for next-generation commerce.

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PODCAST: Thoughts on the Salesforce acquisition of Demandware

In this episode of Just Clarity, Digital Clarity Group’s Jill Finger-Gibson and Jake DiMare discuss the Salesforce acquisition of Demandware.

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E-Commerce Round-Up: November 2015

E-Commerce Round-Up covers major recent events and news from the past month in the e-commerce world, and provides a brief analysis of what they mean. This month’s Round-Up covers the struggle of retailers like Macy’s, Nordstrom, and Target to transition to multichannel, Zalando’s ambitions to become a technology company, and strong growth at Latin America’s… read more >


E-Commerce Round-Up, June 2015

E-Commerce Round-Up covers major recent events and news from the past month in the commerce world, and provides a brief analysis of what they mean.   hybris and Acquia team up for cloud-based content and commerce hybris has just inked a partnership with Acquia, where the two vendors will collaborate to deliver “contextually relevant experiences… read more >

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Join Allen Bonde in Big Data webinar Oct. 30

Monday October 21 2013, New York – Don’t miss Partner & Principal Analyst Allen Bonde speaking in an upcoming webinar Wednesday October 30th at 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST. “Get Big Data Value from Social Media – A Webcast with Digital Clarity Group” will feature ideas and discussions around ideas such as:  How social media… read more >

Free Developer Report

Tapping the Potential of Rich Media for B-to-B Marketing

Great customer engagement relies on creating the most compelling content, and delivering it on the right channel – at the right time. Which is why the future of Web content management is rich, and the future of CRM is social. In this paper Allen Bonde explains how organizations can get ahead of this curve. Key… read more >


When Did Marketing Become IT?

The process of marketing is changing. Yes! we finally understand this now. The need to deliver on Peter Drucker’s promise of marketing as “the distinguishing, unique function of the business” is becoming self-evident. As such, the skill of marketing is one that is pervasive throughout the entire organization. As Drucker  said, “leadership is a marketing… read more >

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In 2013, I wish…

I recently participated in a great idea that the good folks over at CMS Wire are running with: they’ve reached out to dozens of folks in the content management industry and have asked them to provide a few sentences about what they wish for the industry in 2013. They are posting one wish per day throughout the… read more >

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