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J. Boye 16 Aarhus

This year at J. Boye 16 in Aarhus, Jake DiMare, Digital Clarity Group’s Director of Marketing, will present an all new 45 minute workshop entitled: ‘Digital Leaders: What is Project Success, Anyways?’

It is said that 70% of all digital projects fail and we should really want to know why. Over the past six months, Digital Clarity Group, with the help of J.Boye has interviewed and surveyed digital leaders at companies around the world, seeking to understand how their transformative initiatives are working out. We’ve asked what works, and what doesn’t, and what’s been learned along the way. Interestingly, when asked if their digital project (such as the design, build, and deploy of an enterprise CMS or eCommerce driven website) was a success, many are simply unable to answer the question with any conviction. They don’t know because they don’t have a good metric to judge success or failure.

In this interactive workshop we’re going to take a brief look at the data we’ve uncovered so far, and then work together to finally come up with the most critical, digital transformation metric of all: How do you know when a digital project is a success? By the way, if you are currently engaged in a digital project, or recently wrapped one up, we’d love to hear from you! Please take our ten-minute survey.

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Marianne Kay featured in article: What’s Essential For Digital Success?

Tuesday October 1 2013, New York – Marianne Kay, analyst with Digital Clarity Group, has been featured in a J. Boye article written by community moderator Stephen Emmott. Entitled “What’s Essential for Digital Success?”, the article showcases Digital Clarity Group’s unique positioning on web content management selection projects. As Kay describes it, Web Content Management… read more >

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JBoye Aarhus 2013 – Web & Intranet conference

This November Marianne Kay will be speaking at JBoye Web & Intranet Conference in Aarhus, Denmark about Web Content Management and the role that Service Providers – digital agencies, system integrators and the like – play in WCM projects. Her talk is based on extensive research that Digital Clarity Group have undertaken in WCM Service… read more >

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