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Tackle Complex Processes With Dynamic BPM Suites and Business-Ready Apps

Tackle Complex Processes With Dynamic BPM Suites and Business-Ready Apps

Here’s an important question: Is your firm thinking of investing in business process management (BPM) software to gain greater efficiency from automating high throughput, transaction-intensive business processes?  If so, it’s time to think again.

That’s because the current best practice in BPM software is to target high volume, repeatable, people-less processes and business processes at the other end of the spectrum —those with high complexity, constant change, and near-uniqueness for each instance of work. This departure from traditional BPM applications is because the customer-facing processes targeted today are revenue enhancing. But because they are so complex and decision-intensive, they are also expensive and fraught with errors. While automating all work is good, companies usually get greater revenues and higher ROI when targeting more complex, customer-facing work.

As the strategic focus swings from exclusively targeting core processes for operational efficiency and effectiveness to also targeting and integrating processes for customer engagement and experience, the BPM suites market is undergoing dramatic change. In this paper, Connie Moore examines the four key dimensions of that change and explains why they put BPM software on a much greater trajectory going forward.

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