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Selecting Today’s Web CMS: 5 Key Practices for Successfully Selecting Your Next Platform

Authors: Robert Rose, Scott Liewehr

Web CMS business drivers have changed from simply managing web content to managing sophisticated digital experiences and supporting a buyer’s journey across multiple channels.

Today, the content you serve must be contextually relevant — it should be personalized by leveraging a visitor’s location, device, behavior, social graph and supporting information to save them time by delivering the most efficient path to their current objective.

The Key: You need a flexible, sophisticated platform that delivers modern, multi-device experiences.

After reading this Insight paper, you should understand:

  • Top functionality you should prioritize
  • Considerations related to internal teams and systems
  • Tactics for successful Web CMS research
  • How to think about dynamic content delivery
  • How to prepare for your content migration

Use these best practices to prepare and conduct your WCMS selection process the smart way.
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