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Rethinking DAM: Customer Experience Demands Intelligent, Integrated Content

Rethinking DAM: Customer Experience Demands Intelligent, Integrated Content

Mobile, always-on internet access, and social platforms have empowered consumers by making information open, sharable, and ubiquitous. But if the web and other digital channels still consisted exclusively of text and small, grainy photographs — ala 1997 — it’s unimaginable that we would be talking of the imperative for every company and brand to offer compelling, engaging experiences. Rich media is today an absolute prerequisite for rich experiences. This is one of the primary reasons why digital asset management (DAM) technologies and practices have slowly but surely gained importance among marketers and others concerned with customer experience in the last few years.

But the consumer appetite for more consistent, cohesive, and relevant experiences is rapidly evolving, and rich media capabilities need to follow suit. In this paper, DCG Principal Analyst Tim Walters says that firms should get MAD, not DAM. He argues that it’s time to stop thinking of DAM as a repository for certain types of content, and instead seek out systems for marketing assets on demand. or MAD. With this contemporary approach,  content and assets are pulled together from multiple sources in order to orchestrate the integrated, omnichannel experiences buyers now crave.

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