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Rethinking BPM in the Age of the Digital Customer

Speaker: Connie Moore

Connie MooreWhen: March 17, 2016
Time: 2:00-3:00 PM ET

The disruptive force of digital everything – channels, content, technologies, practices, devices – is reshaping nearly every aspect of doing business. How we engage with prospects. How customers buy. How we connect with the market and with partners. How we build post-sales loyalty. How we deliver world-class experiences.

This swirl of transformation also calls for reshaping approaches to managing the critical business processes that drive today’s digitally-enabled enterprise. It’s time to think differently about business process management.

In this lively conversation, Connie Moore, Senior Vice President Research for Digital Clarity Group and Jenny Victor, Sr Product Marketing Director, OpenText explain why conventional thinking about BPM is both a hindrance and a risk. They will shed new light on the role of contemporary BPM in digital transformation, and provide advice to companies who are seeking BPM solutions that deliver value in the age of the customer.



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