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Technology Vendor and Digital Partner Selections

There are thousands of business technologies on the market, and hundreds of digital partners who design and implement solutions for managing customer and prospect experience. How do you know which ones are right for your organization?

Digital Clarity Group can help. Our services for Technology Vendor and Digital Partner Selections are designed to give you confidence in the partner choices you make. We bring clarity to the entire process, from identifying your unique needs for specific capabilities, to crafting requests for information and proposals from good-fit suppliers, to sitting with you at the table as your chosen solutions go live.

Our selection services combine

  • A proven methodology, developed over the course of our selection work with dozens of global enterprises,
  • Our deep knowledge of current products, tools, and systems for transforming experience,
  • Our research on the skills and expertise required by digital agencies, systems integrators, and other types of digital partners, and
  • Our experience with advising companies just like yours about what works in practice, not just in theory.

Selections are typically solutions-focused and include one or more systems for content management, marketing automation, social media management, eCommerce, collaboration, localization and translation, digital asset management, customer relationship management, and web and enterprise search.

Our selection advisory services include, but are not limited to:

  • Solution requirements gathering and needs assessments.
  • Identification of technology vendors and digital partners whose capabilities, skills and experience align with your requirements and needs.
  • Supplier shortlisting and RFP development, including development of use cases and scenarios so that potential partners pitch to you on your terms, not theirs.
  • Management of supplier presentations and demonstrations, including weighting criteria.
  • Proposal analysis and contract negotiations.

The DCG Advantage

Our clients benefit from our unique blend of experience and perspective.

  • We have unparalleled knowledge of the technology vendor and digital partner landscape. Our role as industry analysts is an essential differentiator for our work with enterprise clients. We track upwards of 100 technology and service suppliers in the core CEM and WCM markets. We have evaluated their offerings, talked and worked with their customers, and are regularly briefed on their product roadmaps. We know the directions in which they are headed and the impact this will have on users. This deep knowledge ensures that our clients work with those technology vendors and digital partners who are the best fits for their business needs, regardless of positions on other firms’ waves, quadrants, and rankings.
  • We have proven methodologies for evaluating digital partners and Customer Experience Management (CEM) technologies. Our unique breadth and depth of coverage spares our clients from typical time-wasting RFIs and down-selection cycles with vendors we understand extraordinarily well, while ensuring proper due diligence on those with less market presence. We leverage first-hand knowledge of how specific technologies and digital partners have performed for similar businesses through our experience as industry analysts. Our model ensures that we spend days and weeks, not hours, per year examining the nuances of each of the vendors we cover from all vantage points.
  • We have a singular focus on research, analysis, and consulting services that are designed to help clients transform the experience they deliver to customers and prospects. We are not a broad-based IT consulting firm that specializes in implementation or hourly contract services.
  • We regularly work with user organizations that are designing and implementing content-centric business solutions driving customer engagement. As part of our core service offerings, we help our clients develop sustainable content and digital strategies, make informed buying decisions, and deploy solutions that deliver measurable value. Technology vendor and digital partner selections are a main part of our business, not something we do on the side.

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