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Our Alliance with Constellation Research: Practicing What We Preach

We started our journey at Digital Clarity Group three years ago this month. On the 23rd, in fact. Our mission from the start was to help business leaders navigate their organizations through digital transformation in the smartest, easiest, most pragmatic way possible. That meant doing things a bit differently than others, but not just for the sake of being different. Having been an industry analyst before founding DCG, I was frustrated by the fact that I was looking at problems almost solely through the lens of technology. I felt like that was a disservice to my audience. Having been a consultant with multiple agencies for over a decade before that, I knew that this approach would not help with the real work of transformation. So, as I wrote in my “Jerry Maguire post” a year after founding DCG, we have been dead-set on avoiding the three things that would stymie the achievement of our goals:

  1. an over-focus on technology,
  2. tunnel-visioned viewpoints due to over-categorization, and
  3. esoteric models in lieu of pragmatic, actionable advice.

We know that the challenges of transformation in the face of digital disruption require a holistic response. As we believe that customer experience management (CEM) should be the underpinnings of this transformation, we have grown our team of experts and expanded our coverage to incorporate a wider view of the disciplines required to embrace CEM. However, if we truly believe that CEM requires an enterprise-wide response — and we do — then we certainly believe that additional perspectives on other aspects of an enterprise’s business will help our audience with their transformation even further. Hence, we’ve formed a strategic alliance with Constellation Research, another leader among independent research and advisory firms with a slate of top-notch analysts led by R “Ray” Wang.

In the spirit of maintaining agility and flexibility, an effective response to empowered consumers (and information-thirsty clients) demands new business models, new ways of working, and new partnerships. This is what we preach to our clients, and this is what we must practice in order to thrive for our clients. Our alliance with Constellation Research will allow us to conduct new research and bring new perspectives to our audience.  Please see the full press release by our two firms to understand a bit more about our plans, many of which will unfold in the weeks to come as we explore new opportunities together. There are plenty of independent research and advisory firms out there that we could have chosen to work with, and this alliance doesn’t exclude our ability to do so in the future. But Constellation’s top-quality research complements our own with minimal overlap, and the fit between our firms just feels right. Time will tell if existing and future clients of both firms agree, but we’re certainly hopeful.


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