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OpenText Reaps Benefit of Hewlett Packard’s $315M Software Yard Sale

Earlier this morning, OpenText, the enterprise information management provider based in Ontario, agreed to acquire HP Inc.’s Customer Communications Management software assets for $315 million. This move comes just two months after HP Inc. struck a deal with them to divest its Customer Experience software assets for $170 million.

OpenText acquires HP Inc.’s Content Related Software

Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Vice President and Managing Director of VOCalis for Digital Clarity Group, told CMSWire that OpenText now has the broadest true CX/CMM range of capabilities of any vendor, from hard copy to mobile and social.

“It was logical that OpenText would acquire all of the content related software from HP Inc. after buying the web-centric assets, formerly Interwoven,” Pelz-Sharpe said. “The proof, though, will be in the pudding. In the past, OpenText has managed many acquisitions as simply cash cows to be milked. They have the potential here to consolidate and innovate and separate themselves from the pack. It will take time and money but more importantly, it will take foresight and a change from OpenText’s traditional strategy.”

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