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Navigating the Service Provider Landscape in Europe

We are proud to announce that the European edition of Digital Clarity Group’s 2014 European Guide to Service Providers for Web Content and Customer Experience Management is out. Research for the Guide began in September 2013 and included:

  • Identifying and connecting with over 150 service providers: advertising agencies, digital/interactive agencies, marketing communications agencies, and systems integrators
  • Conducting 45+ hour-long interviews with senior executives at those providers
  • Analyzing data from comprehensive survey questionnaires
  • Interviewing end-users and customer references
  • Conducting secondary research

Why we went there

When I first joined DCG as a research analyst almost two years ago, I was told that this kind of comprehensive look at service providers had never before been done. As I ventured on, speaking to service providers first in North America, then more recently in Europe, I heard a common theme: this is great, we’ve been waiting for something like this.

With customer experience and omnichannel engagements becoming evermore required, it follows that service providers, whose main goal is to provide for great end user experiences, are playing larger roles as well. And with more and more demand for better customer experiences comes an increased demand for more specific skills from agencies and systems integrators.


What’s the bottom line? 

Unlike other industry reports, the DCG Guide seeks to provide tailored advice. Since every enterprise is different, a single ranking of service providers would not necessarily fit the needs of each enterprise. We aim to take a different approach.

The #DCGEuro14 Guide does not rank Service Providers. Instead, the Guide grades each service provider’s approach to CEM in what we call the ‘Core Competency Assessment’, which considers how much each service provider’s self-described approach emphasizes eight different competencies that an enterprise needs in order to pursue a holistic CEM strategy. Looking at aspects such as technology fluency, user experience, the ability to connect online and offline worlds, as well as other components, the Guide outlines the 8 key factors. In this way, each enterprise can look for service providers that meet their individual needs. The Guide also helps enterprises ask the right questions and look for the components that are vital to their own digital strategy in the context of CEM.

Some of the practical features of the Guide include:

  • Directory of over 150 service providers in Europe
  • In-depth profiles of 45 service providers
  • Comparison of Europe and North America markets
  • Service provider assessment framework 

For more information, or to download a free sample of the Guide to Service Providers for Web Content and Customer Experience Management click here:

2014 Europe Guide –

2013 North America Guide –



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