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NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2016

When: February 10-12, 2016
Where: Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, India.

Scott Liewehr

Scott Liewehr will be speaking at NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2016 on February 10-12, 2016 in Mumbai, India.

NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2016 brings together around 800 companies and attracts over 1,500 delegates from across 32 countries. The conference covers the following topics.

Demystifying the Smart Enterprise

  • The Smart Enterprise – the technological as well as the structural dimension
  • Integrating the Smart Enterprise Workforce
  • Organisations transforming into networks
  • Importance of Start-ups in Smart Enterprise
  • Data and disruption

Consumerisation of Technology – the enterprise disruptor

  • Customer first: How technology is shaping solutions of the future
  • The iConsumer – the era of hyper personalization
  • The connected network of everything
  • Simplicity Redefined – decoding the rules of simplicity
  • Future of Design

The Changing Technology Provider

  • The Adaptive Organization – when 5 year plans are passé – Grand Salon BCG
  • A changing embrace– re-architecting the present while investing for the future
  • The buyer shifts across the enterprise – building an effective sales strategy
  • The death of competition as we know it : collaboration, adjacencies and ecosystems
  • The Unicorn leaders – what sets them apart

The shifting face of global sourcing

  • Partnering for enabling the digital enterprise
  • The man vs machine conundrum : Automation, Robotics, Cognitive Computing
  • Trimodal IT – Traditional, Transformative, Disruptive
  • Productisation of services
  • Future of work – the debate on skills versus jobs

Digitising India – the opportunity beckons

  • India – Can technology adoption accelerate growth
  • Smart Cities  – early leaders and how they are leveraging tech
  • Techhnology catalyzing healthcare in India
  • Innovative solutions for Digital inclusion



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