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Get Started on Creating Great Customer Experiences with Journey Strategies

If customers are king, then understanding the journeys they choose to take with our organizations is highly strategic for sustainable success. But creating multiple journeys without a journey strategy can still deliver disjointed customer experiences. This short-sighted approach guarantees that journey mapping will  have a negative rather than positive impact on efforts to improve customer engagement.

In this paper, Johan Jacobs and Connie Moore explain why developing and executing a journey strategy is becoming best practice for organizations that are re-orienting around their customers. They define a journey strategy as an organization’s plan to apply resources to engage and delight customers by supporting all touchpoints that span discovery, sales, finance, support, and service, and by integrating the multiple devices, interaction channels, and application silos that support those customer touchpoints.

Companies that embark on journey strategies and develop journey maps that graphically depict the pluses and minuses of current customer journeys are well-positioned to win the ongoing, never-ending race to delight customers. Enterprises that stand back and wait will only have themselves to blame when customers abandon them and turn to companies that delight them at all touchpoints throughout the full spectrum of their interactions.

Johan and Connie highlight the trends that are driving need for developing journey strategies; connect the dots between journey strategies and journey mapping practices; discuss the cross-functional business challenges that can emerge when stakeholders start to do the real work; and provide advice on getting started with journey strategies.


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