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Building World-Class CEM Solutions: Service Providers and Why They Matter

Originally broadcast Jan 30, 2014

cem landscape diagramIn this webinar Jill Finger Gibson lays out the evolving landscape of options for engaging the right service provider for your CEM initiatives. Jill will draw on DCG’s research for our 2014 guides to service providers to highlight key trends and issues that should be top-of-mind for CEM stakeholders at your company.

This webinar is perfect if you are:

  • An organization searching for a digital agency or systems integrator to help you enhance your digital customer experience.
  • A technology vendor looking for greater insight into capabilities of service providers, or exploring partnership opportunities.
  • A digital agency or systems integrator looking to participate in future DCG service provider studies.

If you’re investing in CEM in 2014, this is can’t-miss insight that will help shape successful CEM outcomes for your organization.

To access the webinar, please view the video replay below.

Webinar replay

Presented by Moderated by
Jill Finger Gibson Jill Finger Gibson
Jill Finger Gibson,
Principal Analyst,
Digital Clarity Group
Mary Laplante,
VP, Client Services,
Digital Clarity Group



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