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Intranets at Digital Clarity Group
Many organizations have begun prioritizing the digital transformation of their intranet and collaboration space to better enable teams and employees. Digital Clarity Group provides thought leadership and consulting to organizations seeking to bring transformative change to their internal communication and collaboration platforms. Here are some of our recent publications:

A Successful Intranet Transformation Requires Vision

In order to dramatically improve the chances of launching a successful intranet, one that meets the needs of employees and the business, Digital Clarity Group recommends leading with the development of an Intranet Vision including a thorough assessment of your organization’s unique requirements and goals. During this important engagement we will:
Intranet Vision ProcessDigital Clarity Group is pleased to offer intranet vision development as a consulting service under the expert leadership of Cathy McKnight, Co-founder and Vice President of Consulting and Operations. Our involvement in this critical step in the creation or revitalization of your intranet offers significant benefits by:

  • Ensuring your stakeholders’ interests are represented without the influence of our own biases.
  • Being pragmatic in our approach in facilitating the collection, aggregation, and assessment of your stakeholder views and requirements. We do not believe that technology is the solution to all problems. Nor is it usually the sole cause of failure.
  • Informing and educating your stakeholders throughout the process. We understand that engagements such as this are opportunities to get organizational change processes off to a fast start.

Our knowledge and expertise applied within our proven methodology will help ensure that a holistic vision that is both strategic and actionable, as well as pragmatic and well-informed.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you be more successful, please contact us.


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