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Sitecore Analyst Webinar: Successful Personalized Customer Experiences

Learn how to deliver successful personalized customer experiences

9 July 2014, 14:00 ET

tim-webinarMarketers are increasingly relying on data to target prospects, identify their best customers, and measure marketing performance. Register for a live webinar, presented by Tim Walters, Principal Analyst with Digital Clarity Group, to learn how you can use customer data and insight to deliver cross-channel, personalized digital experiences that earn and keep customers.

Join this webinar to discover how properly leveraging customer data can help you:

  • Drive consistent customer experiences – across multiple touch points throughout the entire customer life cycle
  • Recognize and anticipate buyer’s needs and goals – respond to them quickly with the appropriate product, service, or offer
  • Explore, experiment, and deploy emerging solutions – extend digital marketing with customer insight


Customers are demanding, but not fickle; 82% said the provider they abandoned could have taken steps to keep their business with an improved experience.

– Tim Walters, Principal Analyst, Digital Clarity Group



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