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Headless CMS Breathes New Life Into “Content Anywhere”

A headless content management system (CMS) is a contemporary solution to the inexorable demand for content anywhere and everywhere. Offering a value proposition aligned with this demand, headless systems are now popping to the top of buyer short lists during technology selections. This new report from Digital Clarity Group explains why.

A headless CMS features a decoupled architecture – separating the content production/database system and the content delivery system. The uptick in buyer interest stems from the business benefits enabled by this technology approach. Organizations want content technology solutions that simplify content production and storage, while expanding their ability to deliver a rich mix of content types, social threads, and personalized interactions. Headless CMS can be a great fit for companies that are building agile technical environments to meet constantly morphing, emerging requirements from marketing and line-of-business departments. By adopting a headless CMS approach, firms can be well positioned to flexibly embrace whatever new devices, channels, touchpoints, and software emerge.

In this paper, Connie Moore lays out the differences among CMS architectures. She identifies the trends that are making headless relevant to marketing transformation. She describes best-fit business scenarios, explains the business benefits, and provides guidance for stakeholders who are wondering if headless CMS is right for their organizations.

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