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Webinar: GDPR Puts Your Translation Supply Chain at Risk


Tim Walter's Event Headshot

11:00 am ET / 17:00 CET


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a framework for data protection, designed to harmonize data privacy laws across the European Union and give greater protection and rights to individuals. The GDPR requires organizations to be held to greater accountability for how they handle personal data. And because it applies to any organization that collects, manages and processes personal information and monitors the behavior of European citizens regardless of their location, it applies to organizations around the globe.

To date, much focus has been placed on the impact this will have on the role of marketers. However, with the vast amount of data sent out to third parties for translation, the translation process may put many firms at risk of non-compliance – and potential fines of 4% of annual turnover.

In this webinar, Tim Walters and SDL’s Katie Rigby-Brown share practical insights for organizations that suspect or know that they send personal information out as part of the translation process. Tim and Katie highlight the ways in which language can pose hidden organizational risk, and they provide pointers for talking with language service providers (LSPs) to ensure their compliance standard aren’t exposing your company to risk.

Please see DCG’s GDPR resource page for reports, blog posts, videos, and podcasts that describe issues, challenges, and opportunities. If you’re unsure about how the GDPR impacts your organization’s marketing, data, CRM, and translation practices, contact us and we’ll connect you with experts who can help.

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