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By 2018, eCommerce sales are expected to reach nearly $500 Million* in the U.S. alone. While this may be very good news for organizations with a current internet retail strategy, it’s important to remember that the infrastructure and resources necessary to support this evolution will continue to grow more complex.

Customers are turning to mobile to complete transactions more frequently and many use multiple devices along a single path to purchase. Live action support is now an expectation at some point in the path to purchase, in fact, 83%** of shoppers in a recent survey claimed they needed support to complete a purchase. And woe betide the online store not ready to provide it, because 51%** of online shoppers will try one time or just give up if they do not have support during the shopping experience.

And just when you were getting used to social selling, here comes same-day delivery, AI-driven chatbots, conversational interface, and personal shopper apps.

Digital Clarity Group offers a range of research, advisory, and consulting services to help organizations navigate accelerating change in eCommerce and the following, adjacent coverage areas:

  • eCommerce Strategy
  • Internet retail
  • Digital Retail
  • B2B eCommerce
  • Content and Commerce
  • Technology selection and adoption
  • Direct to Consumer Pivots

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In the meantime, here are some of our recent publications on eCommerce:

*U.S. E-Commerce Sales, 2014-2018

**83% of Online Shoppers need support to complete a purchase.

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