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DCG Webinar Recording: A new chapter for Sitecore

In this webinar recording, Digital Clarity Group’s Cathy McKnight, VP of Consulting and Operations, and Tim Walters, co-founder and VP of Research, discuss EQT’s recent majority investment in Sitecore.

They address questions such as: What’s behind this investment and what does it mean for Sitecore (and Sitecore customers)? Is it an acquisition or a partnership? (Short answer: Both.) How does a private equity buy-out differ from vendor M&A?

Watch the recording below to hear more about:

  • The known details of EQT’s private equity acquisition of Sitecore.
  • A review of Sitecore’s growth to a $1 billion valuation.
  • Our evaluation of what Sitecore should focus on in the near and longer term.
  • What does this mean for Sitecore customers, prospects, and partners.
  • Types of acquisitions: acquisition by competitor, private equity firm investment, venture capital.
  • Understanding the reasons behind an acquisition: questions to ask the vendor and the service provider.
  • How to respond: questions to ask internally and deciding on the way forward.

Have your own take on this major investment or some of the other recent technology merger and acquisition activity? We’d love to hear it either via a comment left on this post, or reach out to us directly (all our contact information can be found in the footer of this page).


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