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Content Marketing and Audience Development in 17 minutes 57 seconds

Need a crash course in agile marketing, audience development, and content marketing? In three related videos hosted by EPiServer, Tim Walters covers the basics and explores the relationships between these contemporary marketing practices.

In Content Marketing: the New Customer Engagement Model, Tim examines content marketing as a response to information glut in the era of customer centricity. The challenge for marketers is to evolve with consumers. Stop using content bait – little bits left in a trail that draws prospects into a funnel. Give audiences content that’s interesting and valuable, and they will reward you with time, attention, and engagement.

In Agile Marketing: The Path to Customer Success, Tim draws the parallels between the principles of agile software development and agile marketing, emphasizing collaboration, needs assessment, testing, validation, and continual improvement based on real performance data. He explains how the rhythm of agile marketing aligns with the goals of content marketing, which aims to develop audiences over time rather than convert to a sale today.

In Content and Context: Audience Development and the New Marketing Technology, Tim defines audience development and highlights three key components: a group of people with a shared interest (audience), content that’s relevant to that group (“persona-ized,” not personalized), and links to connect with that group across devices and channels. Successful execution of an audience development strategy requires coherence and consistency – critical capabilities enabled by contemporary content management and marketing technologies.

Looking for additional insights?  For more on the dangers of being distracted by every shiny marketing object that comes along, download our report on Content Management: The Hub for Systems of Engagement. For a closer look at audience development, download Connecting Content Marketing Experiences: Three Keys to More Connected and Aligned Technology and Marketing Agendas.



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