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Content Management: The Hub for Systems of Engagement

Content Management: The Hub for Systems of Engagement

Much research points to the failure of first-generation customer experience management (CEM). DCG believes that there are several interrelated factors at work, including senior management that proclaim the strategic importance of CX but do not back it up with adequate budgets or resources, as well as their tendency to treat customer experience management as a problem for the marketing department to tackle alone.

But on the front lines of the battle for customers’ attention and loyalty, practitioners have identified the primary culprit: non-integrated technologies. In a recent global survey, 56% of marketers named non-integrated technology platforms the “leading obstacle to consistently integrating marketing activities.”

In this paper, Tim Walters explains why integration is fundamental to delivering world-class customer experience, and why a content management solution belongs at the heart or core of a company’s CEM ecosystem. The central role for a CMS is not only due to the pervasive use of content in customer experience, but also because the CMS can and should serve as the integration layer or hub that combines the isolated point solutions, data sources, and legacy applications and transforms them into a system of engagement. Organizations exploring this approach should look for content management solutions that can demonstrate flexibility and openness, extensible platform capabilities, and an accelerated development environment.

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