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Content, Context, and Chaos: How Marketing Must Change to Deliver Customer-Centric Systems of Engagement

As we enter into a new era of the importance of continual customer engagement, the CMO must begin to add systems that not only manage this engagement but also embrace the rapidly shifting and expanding environments in which consumers want to interact. In this paper Robert Rose puts forward three ideas that can lay a foundation to successfully achieve this goal:

  1. De-silo the content process.
  2. Deliver contextual content as well as experiences.
  3. embrace the chaos.


Key highlights:

  • It’s no longer about “more.” Today’s CMO must develop quality relationships with consumers
  • Content can be a centralizing force that grounds the creation of customer-centric systems of engagement
  • Technology optimizes the experience. Understanding personas helps marketers to create and optimize the content
  • The embrace of chaotic change, unified content, and context, can deliver on the promise of true systems of engagement
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