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Connecting Content Marketing Experiences: Three Keys to More Connected and Aligned Technology and Marketing Agendas

Connecting Content Marketing Experiences: Three keys to more connected and aligned technology and marketing agendas

It’s getting tough out there. Consumers are more widely connected than ever, across a rapidly increasing number of devices.  Various research studies indicate that, in response, marketers are giving top priority to delivering data-driven, relevant content experiences across new and existing digital channels. But for most enterprises, simply prioritizing an initiative doesn’t guarantee it will actually happen. Organizational and technical siloes within businesses prevent the cultivation of a unified customer experience. Moreover, these bottlenecks inhibit any kind of insight that might enable the company to provide better, more relevant content in any one of those experiences. In this paper, DCG Senior Contributing Analyst Robert Rose suggests that a viable strategy lies in a combination of a new outlook and approach, plus robust, integrated technology to facilitate them. He describes how a vigorous effort focused on audience development — the creation and management of an engaged, activated audience — can be a launch point for this new strategy.

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