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3rd CMO Europe Summit

When: 17th – 19th November 2015
Where: The Powerscourt Hotel, Dublin, Ireland


The 3rd CMO Summit Europe brings together 80 senior decision makers and business leaders from across the region. Working in partnership with our network of senior executives the 3rd CMO Summit Europe covers the key industry themes:

  1. Brand Engagement
  2. Consumer Behaviour
  3. Content Remains King

Digital Clarity Group serves as the analyst partner for the GDS CMO events. Delegate participation is by invitation only.

Cathy McKnight, Scott Liewehr, and Tim Walters lead roundtables, moderate panels, and conduct workshops at the summit.

Brand Engagement

Moderated by Cathy McKnight

Tim Walters

  • Techniques that brands have used to turn social media platforms over to fans to drive content creation
  • Measurability as a Marketing Imperative – With increasingly complex customer journeys, and influencing touch points becoming harder to identify, measurement of ROI from different channels can suffer
  • Explore ways to measure more effectively consumer behaviour and brand engagement
  • How to inspire users to join the conversation – Explore ways to identify topics that align with the brand values that people are passionate about
  • How to engage and excite audience about new product launches
  • Emotional Marketing – How to form a personal attachment to your brand

Consumer Behaviour

Moderated by Tim Walters

Tim Walters

  • Targeting & Personalisation – Best practices for personalising the customer experience to uplift sales and create love of your brand
  • Cutting through the clutter and understanding what really matters to the customer
  • How to make customer experience your competitive advantage in a saturated market place
  • With new and improved ways to measure behaviour brings an improved ability to measure ROI
  • How to collate data from various platforms/ channels and how to correctly understand (identify) what it says about the customer
  • Customer Journey Mapping – Looking at your customers experience with your brand

Content Remains King

Moderated by Scott Liewehr

Scott Liewehr

  • Bombarding customers with a constant stream of content is not an effective way of building and maintaining relationships
  • The art of ‘storytelling’. Advertisers aspire to be more human and telling relevant stories that entertain and matter to people
  • With an ever increasing number of channels, marketers must find new ways to source high-quality content
  • For regulated industries, challenging what can and what can’t be done with content
  • Strategies to make content the heart and soul of your marketing plan
  • Overcoming the challenge of reaching the right audiences, at the right time, across all channels with the most relevant and engaging content
  • Defining relevant customer interests so that the business can tailor the content to those interests
  • Tying the brand story back to customer interests
  • Convincing internal stakeholders that content marketing is worth investing in
  • Getting creativity at a good price
  • Content management – find the right system how to manage your content in digital space: create, distribute, share activities
  • Integrated brand message across all countries


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