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Organizational Change Management: An (Emerging) Core Competency for Customer Experience Management


Every day, organizations launch one or more customer experience initiatives to speed their firms toward digital transformation, often without fully appreciating that the business culture will invariably morph – with or without guidance – and employees will need to work differently once new projects are completed – with or without effective training. By overlooking the need to guide and direct change, leaders and managers may doom or handicap an initiative’s chance of success, even if the technical aspects are well executed.

To help organizations avoid failure, Digital Clarity Group has identified organizational change management as one of the ten core competencies for customer experience management (CEM). Within this CEM context, we define organizational change management as:

The intentional effort by senior leaders to positively influence employee, workforce, and organizational acceptance of strategic changes throughout the firm, agency, department, or group by communicating the urgency behind the business strategy, identifying and communicating strategic goals,building ongoing awareness of the need for change, delivering a steady cadence of communication to individuals and the workforce, practicing active listening, and creating a supportive culture.

In this Insight Paper, Connie Moore explains why change management is fundamental to success with customer experience management. She describes how failure to manage change leads to other failures, and she provides guidance on successful strategies for change management, using two case studies to illustrate best practices.

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