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Trends 2016: The Year of Starting Over With Customer Experience Management


Connie Moore’s important analysis sets the stage for rethinking – and restarting – customer experience management practices and initiatives in 2016.

In spite of much hard work and significant investment over the past decade, many companies are struggling with their customer experience management (CEM) initiatives. Executives admit that they see gaps between their vision and their current state of practice. Many CEM programs and projects have failed outright, or become mired in organizational sludge, or are in the midst of a reset, according to the project teams with whom we’ve interacted throughout 2015.

In this 2016 trends report, Connie describes the mistakes and problems that organizations have encountered, the market implications of CEM project resets, and the impact on CEM stakeholders, including enterprise buyers, service providers, and technology vendors.  Read the report to learn more, and for Connie’s conclusion that the prognosis for CEM in 2016 is positive, even in the face of rethinking projects and resetting CEM switches.

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