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Bridging the Content and Commerce Divide

Bridging the Content and Commerce Divide, Jill Finger GibsonThinking you need to replatform your existing CMS or ecommerce solution? Before you start gathering requirements and soliciting RFPs from WCM and e-commerce vendors, take a moment and consider how important online sales are for your company’s growth. If the answer is “very,” take a moment or two and consider if there might be a better alternative option than  simply blowing your budget to replace what you have with a newer version.

From the customer experience perspective, content and commerce are one and the same. This isn’t the case, however, with the enablers of customer experiences, such as retailers, software vendors, and service providers.  For these entities, content and commerce have evolved in parallel as two separate worlds, each with its own distinct technologies, processes, and specialist skill sets. It’s as if they have been two separate countries sharing a border, speaking different languages and engaging in a bit of trade and political cooperation as needed, but having little reason to engage more regularly.

So it’s up to the technology buyer to learn how to navigate between those worlds of Contentland and Commerceland. This means understanding their languages and asking the right questions to determine if they have the capabilities, either internally or through partnerships, to help you bridge the content and commerce divide. In this report, Jill Finger Gibson analyzes how these worlds are, and aren’t, coming together, and offers advice to buyers on possible approaches for technology and service provider selections.

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