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Netflix, you don’t know diddly about context!

By now, there has been enough evangelization of “engagement” to posit two things: Engagement with a brand is essential to achieving customer loyalty, and Consumers will only engage if they find the experience(s) to be relevant. Therefore, all roads to customer loyalty (the holy grail among customer experience advocates) must pass through relevancy. But what… read more >

Digital Clarity Group
Digital Clarity Group
Digital Clarity Group
Digital Clarity Group
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Analyzing the 2013 Forrester Wave on WCM

With a copy of the new Forrester Wave™ on Web Content Management in hand this morning, I captured my reactions to the results, and to the changes since the last Wave™ in 2011. There were a few upward shifts (Adobe, Sitecore, Oracle), more downward movements (SDL, HP, OpenText, Ektron), as well as Acquia making its… read more >

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One year later… Now, with a little more clarity

This past year has been an amazing start to the Digital Clarity Group journey. We have grown into an incredible team of ten strong members, all contributing to the same vision, based on a worldview we hold in common. We’re physically spread across the world, but we’ve grown into a tight-knit family, and I couldn’t… read more >

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Welcome Allen Bonde and Hello Social CRM

This is a big week for DCG. Not only are we announcing the expansion of our coverage into Social CRM, but we are excited to announce that Allen Bonde has joined our firm as a Partner and Principal Analyst. Allen is a seasoned industry analyst and a well-reputed veteran in the world of CRM and… read more >

Video: How to select a web content management system

We advise on quite a few technology selection projects at DCG, and web content management systems are the most common type. In the CMS-Connected video below, I lay out our 8-step process, and I highlight some of the key ingredients to a successful outcome. Here are a few of them: Identifying focal needs, or the… read more >

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In 2013, I wish…

I recently participated in a great idea that the good folks over at CMS Wire are running with: they’ve reached out to dozens of folks in the content management industry and have asked them to provide a few sentences about what they wish for the industry in 2013. They are posting one wish per day throughout the… read more >

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