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Vendor Professional Services – A.K.A. Special Forces

This past month HP Enterprises spun off its professional services division to Virginia-based Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC); a move most people agree was smart and even overdue. In fact, HP’s professional services division, in large part derived from its 2008 costly acquisition of Ross Perot’s EDS consulting firm, was never a good fit at HP…. read more >

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A Flurry of Private Equity M&A in Content Management Hits the CEM World

The CEM (customer experience management) world has experienced a number of content management system (CMS) mergers and acquisitions, with whispers of others on the way. The acquisitions of Sitecore, Episerver, and Ektron by private equity firms are the most prominent recent examples. This activity will only increase over the next year or two, and the… read more >

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Naked & Afraid IT Projects

In the hit reality TV show Naked and Afraid a man and woman who have never met in their lives before are taken to a remote and dangerous location, the jungles of Borneo, or the rain forest of the Amazon. Once there they strip off all their clothes and head off, barefoot together into the… read more >

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The ‘employee customer’ experience

Last week in New Orleans I hosted a roundtable at AIIM16, the long running annual technology conference focused on information management. My session was entitled ‘Improving the Customer Experience’, and frankly I expected a sparse turnout as CX is not normally thought of as high on the back office IT agenda. Hence, we arranged only… read more >

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Who really owns the partner channel?

Historically, technology vendors have had ‘reseller’ channels, the sole purpose of which being to sell as quickly as possible as many licenses as possible for the vendor. As such, the vendor has long measured success solely on the basis of revenue generated by a particular channel partner. Quite simply, the technology vendor hopes that the… read more >

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Google Analytics 360 – A Shot Across The Advertising Bows

Though Google has long had a foot in the door of digital marketing though its market dominating Google Analytics service, it has been slow to provide enterprise offerings beyond that. This week though the firm announced the launch of Google Analytics 360: a bundling of its tag management, analytics, data studio (an application of BigQuery),… read more >

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The SaaS Channel: A Dysfunction in Need of a Fix

The rush to SaaS (Software as a Service) business models — by traditional enterprise software companies and start-ups alike — has been revolutionary in both the speed of the shift and the impact it is having on technology. The first promise to buyers is a move toward simple monthly subscription pricing and away from complex… read more >

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Transforming the Channel – The Cisco Way

This past week I spent time with new CEO Chuck Robbins and SVP of the Global Partner Organization Wendy Bahr at the Cisco Partner Summit in San Diego. What I wanted to learn about was how Cisco is shifting its channel to embrace digital transformation opportunities. Specifically, how they are shifting the channel from a… read more >

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A few tips on how to negotiate the right price for CEM technology

Most analyst firms stay well clear when it comes to the tricky topic of prices for technology. The assumption is that vendor clients of the analyst firm may take umbrage – so the mysterious work of finding out what a new software product/project will actually cost is left to the buyer to fathom out. So,… read more >

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