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Is HubSpot reaching an inflection point?

 This week HubSpot held their annual conference, drawing 19,000 devotees of the marketing solution to Boston. Think of it as a sort of mini-me version of Salesforce’s mega-conference Dreamforce. While I am not a fan of celebrity-heavy and technology light conferences, there was much to admire about InBound beyond Anna Kendrick and Serena Williams. For… read more >

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Channel Partners – Shifting the focus to adoption

Cisco owns the enterprise technology industry’s biggest partner channel ($45 billion). So it knows a thing or two about the challenges of moving to an OPEX style of subscription pricing and away from the traditional perpetual licensing models of CapEx style pricing. This past week I was fortunate to spend time listening and talking with the… read more >

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The Five Types of Customer Experience Management Service Providers

When it comes to identifying the right service provider, today’s organizations face a bewildering array of options and a glaring lack of the transparency needed to compare those options. We estimate there are over 80,000 service providers globally; moreover, the characteristics of each firm can overlap and cover a wide breadth of services. Some providers… read more >

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Microsoft & Adobe Get Serious

Today Microsoft announced a strategic partnership with Adobe making Azure the primary cloud platform for Adobe while integrating Marketing Cloud with Dynamics365, its combined CRM/ERP solution. It’s all too easy to dismiss partnerships as little more than marketing ploys. For example, Oracle announced a ‘major’ partnership with Salesforce a couple of years back, and this… read more >

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OpenText acquires Documentum

Today we got confirmation that OpenText is buying Documentum (aka Dell EMC’s Content Management Division).  Let’s say right up front we think this is a good move. Though some upheaval is to be expected, it makes a great deal of sense for both parties. Though Documentum was acquired by EMC in 2003 for $1.7B  (and… read more >

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Managing Customer Expectations: The Channel Partner and Software Vendor Challenge

Traditionally, enterprise software projects were all about up-front licenses and follow-on maintenance fees. For a software vendor or channel partner, success was to get the job done and get paid. Little importance was placed on building a good long-term working relationship with the customer. But, as software vendors move to the cloud and to subscription-based… read more >


Are Tech Firms Taking Over Digital Agencies and Madison Avenue?

With the explosion of digital initiatives over the past couple of years the worlds of advertising, marketing and technology have been on an undeniable collision course. Creative strategies that would once have taken months to execute are now live and kicking within seconds. Publishing technology has been overhauled and democratized, lucrative advertising brokerages are being… read more >


Avoid Disaster with Better Agency Partner Selection

Digital Clarity Group explores the topic of avoiding a digital transformation disaster with better agency partner selection.


OpenText: Tackling the biggest of channel challenges

This year the OpenText World event was held in Nashville, TN and visiting Music City gave Cathy McKnight and I the chance to directly take the pulse of the firms’ senior executives, partners and customers. Though there were product and roadmap announcements galore, most notably the daring announcement that the firm plans to challenge IBM… read more >

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What is Digital Project success?

Over the past six months, the VOCalis team here at DCG has been locating, interviewing and surveying companies around the world. We have been talking to them about how their digital project is faring or fared, what they have learned, and what does and, more importantly, does not work. As the data grows we will… read more >

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