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1,100 Voices Speak: DCG Named as Analyst Firm of the Year

We’re very excited to share the news that Digital Clarity Group has been recognized as an Analyst Firm of the Year (AFOTY) in the awards announced this week by Influencer Relations. The short list of most valuable firms is based on analysis of data gathered in the 2014 Analyst Value Survey, run by Kea Company. The survey tracks the value that firms deliver to users of analyst services. Forrester, Gartner, and IDC are among the other firms shortlisted for the AFOTY14.

Duncan Chapple, who launched the Value Survey in 2000 and now leads the AFOTY process at Influencer Relations, notes the following, based on conversations he’s had about the stand-out firms:

“Digital Clarity Group has made a huge impact in a small amount of time, and that’s really because of the very high value it is delivering. Very few firms come close to the sort of customer experience that DCG seems to be delivering.”

See other comments on the awards at #AFOTY14 on Twitter.

18 firms were awarded for outstanding performance in ten specific market segments: Global, Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific, Supply Side (vendors), Demand Side (buyers), Telecoms & Networking, Services, Software, and Growth. DCG was ranked in the top ten in eight of these segments. Most notable is our ranking as third in value of our software coverage and fourth in value to buyers.

By ranking DCG and other disruptors like HfS Research along with (or higher than) the legacy analyst firms, users of analyst services have confirmed that they are ready for new approaches to leveraging the research, knowledge, and guidance that we collectively offer. We’re happy to be recognized as leading the way.

Our sincerest thanks to clients and subscribers who acknowledge our value and put in us some great company with fellow AFOTY14 winners.


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