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8 Step Technology and Implementation Partner Selection Tool

Looking for a new technology? Perhaps a new web content management (WCM),  or digital asset management (DAM) solution, or a digital marketing platform (DMP) platform? This tool will guide you through an eight-step process to help you select the right fit technology and implementation partner. Simple and easy to follow, DGC’s technology and service provider selection… read more >

Mapping the Service Provider Landscape

Navigating the service provider landscape for customer experience success

As customer expectations for superb and even unparalleled customer experience intensify, companies of all sizes, industries and locations are feeling the pressure to transform their businesses in ways that, even two years ago, weren’t urgent or on the radar screen. Now, as organizations are realizing the criticality of customer experience management (CEM), they are starting to… read more >

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Newly Independent Magento Targets the Enterprise

Magento’s annual Imagine conference last week in Las Vegas followed the standard format for today’s software vendor conferences: new product announcements, break-out sessions, executive presentations, and partner awards. Where it diverged from the norm was that it was also a kind of unofficial independence party. The gathering of partners, customers, employees, and community members was… read more >

Adobe Summit 2016

Adobe’s Partner Challenge

Just a little while ago I spent time at Adobe’s annual summit in Las Vegas. The event was filled with great stories and news about Adobe products, customer success stories, and partner achievements. The software company has come a long way in the past few years with some of its biggest hurdles: further integrating products… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Transforming the Channel – The Cisco Way

This past week I spent time with new CEO Chuck Robbins and SVP of the Global Partner Organization Wendy Bahr at the Cisco Partner Summit in San Diego. What I wanted to learn about was how Cisco is shifting its channel to embrace digital transformation opportunities. Specifically, how they are shifting the channel from a… read more >

Digital Clarity Group

Will SAP Hybris’ partner ecosystem support its shift into holistic Customer Experience Management?

I’m attending the SAP Hybris Summit in Munich, Germany this week. Executives spent much of the opening keynote painting a vision for their plans to support holistic customer experience (my words), including marketing, ecommerce, customer service, customer support, billing, and more. You can find more information about those announcements from the various journalists covering the… read more >

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Partner Your Way to Success in Customer Experience Management

Software enabling customer experience management (CEM) is in high demand as businesses of all sizes, locations, and industries push to adopt commerce, customer analytics, customer relationship management (CRM) suites, marketing automation, and omnichannel customer experience (CX) tools to support their CEM initiatives. Potential buyers are easily overwhelmed when embarking on the CX path because they… read more >


Do you suffer from service provider afterthought syndrome?

Do you suffer from SPA syndrome? No, it’s not an excessive number of visits to the spa (as if that were possible). It’s Service Provider Afterthought syndrome. In a recent post, I outlined the five reasons every organization needs to work with a service provider on any CMS or CEM implementation. What is equally important is knowing this: It’s not just… read more >

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Commoditization, Innovation, and “Transformation” — Through the Lens of Box

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal prior to their mid-January 2015 IPO, Box’s CEO Aaron Levie was asked, “Is online file sharing a commodity?” Levie hedged the answer, offering only that “the storage component of what we do is a commodity product.” But, in truth, storage alone has long been undifferentiated. (Thumb drives, anyone?)… read more >


Five Reasons to Hire a Service Provider

The landscape of service providers is vast and often confusing. There are thousands upon thousands of digital agencies, systems integrators, creative design firms, marketing technology companies, and many others. While their name can signal a difference in approach, many of these organizations follow a similar mandate: to help your organization succeed. A large part of… read more >

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